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Type these words into your music library and name the first song that appears

HAPPY: Happy Fucking Birthday-Combichrist

HATE: Hate Me! (Funker Vogt Remix)- Leæther Strip


DARK: Dark-Julie London

GOOD: Good Times Bad Times-Led Zeppelin

BAD: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?- Moby

SMILE: Milligram Smile-From Autumn to Ashes

CRY: No Woman No Cry-Bob Marley & The Wailers

GIRL: Happiest Girl-Fictional (Devotion - A Tribute To Depeche Mode)

BOY: F-cking Boyfriend-The Bird And The Bee

July 16th (3rd SATURDAY)
calling all Naughty Nurses, Demented Doctors & Perverted Patients….

Xris SMack! & Mindswerve Studios present:
STIMULATE: "Medication Generation" Medical Theme

Advance Tickets Here: http://STIMULATE-ME.com/

Stimulate Your Senses!

==== SOUND ====

first time together in NYC since 2005!

Metropolis Recording Artists
On Tour supporting their new album "The War Inside Me"
aggressive and edgy songs, Atmospheric layers drenched in crunchy synths, distorted beats, growling vocals, clean melodies, and cleverly hidden samples…

Bit Riot Recording Artists
Defining aggressive electronic rock, melding elements of metal, electro and drum 'n' bass to create a unique sonic assault. Breaking down the barriers between guitar and electronic genres. "The Medication Generation", a futuristic audio assault exploring the excess of self-medication and mass media saturation in present day society.

Challenging the foundation of electronic industrial music, Anti-Mechanism's performances showcase an aggressive stage show with dramatic lighting & visuals to match, resulting in intense, audience inclusive shows.
they will be featuring material from their forthcoming album "Moments Before the Collapse"

Ear Surgery with DJ's
* Xris SMack! (STIMULATE, SMack!, Suspension)
* Cliff Cage (Vampire Freaks, Paradise Lost)
* Grave Of Death (Anomoly, P.O.V.)
* Special Birthday set by DJ 5witcH.HitteR !

==== SIGHT ====

Video STIMULATION by the SMack! Video Lab & Eddy Kat

and our CYBERnetic Go-Go Action:
Anastazia, Natalia Natasha, Dori-Bot, Trish Von Dish, Agent Orange + Alien Baby

==== TOUCH ====

"Feel The Whip": Dungeon Play Space
w/ Resident Mistress Jordan Jones and Guest Dominatrixes
* The Mistress Lauren - http://facebook.com/The.Mi​stress.Lauren
* Cassandra - http://PandorasBoxNY.com/m​istress_cassandra.htm
and more!
* Mistress Alexa (Pandora's Box)
* Mistress Lydia Kael

Dungeon play Equipment provided by fIXE Fetish

Ticket Giveaways

STIMULATE is broadcast live every month by WFKU Radio [ http://WFKU.org/ ]

Sunday night come out and tempt your taste buds with a little Fourth of July cakey goodness...I will be at STIMULATE Annual INDUSTRIAL BBQ- 2pm-4am, 3 Floors, 25 DJs, FGFC820 +more! creating flag cakes and sharing them with my hungry friends ;)

RSVP HERE: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=243910068959027
Woot!!!!!! QXTS 4/16/11 STIMULATE/ Metropolis Records presents Darkfest with ANGELSPIT & EGO LIKENESS also featuring The LUDOVICO TECHNIQUE and TWITCH THE RIPPERmore info & Advance tickets: http://STIMULATE-ME.com/

Japan Benefit @ Dark Water

This One Night Only Dark Water Event Is Dedicated To The Victims & Survivors Of Japan's Earthquake/Tsunami.

A Fundraiser With Proceeds Going To The American Red Cross. Donations Are $1.00 At The Door.