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amourkty's Journal

7 August
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I am a curvy alternative eclectic girl, who is big into music(ebm, modern rock, noise, rock, punk, jazz, swing, classical, 80's goth & industrial) and sci-fi movies/tv.

I enjoy road trips, concerts, movies(scifi, horror, thriller, indie, comic, cult & comedy), mini golf, camping, red wine, playing cards, creating something out of nothing art wise in various mediums.

Recently been to Kinetik Festival in Montreal...Combichrist in LI...and I'm going to VNV in July...Life Cried NYC...Nachmahr Qxts. I'm a regular at QXT's...used to frequent batcave yrs back....even further back in time Limelight, Mother, Aldos, Nocturnal Creatures @Metasin and the Bank...as you can see I'm def into going to shows..I even do a little promoting for em on occasion...former College DJ 1993-1997, Operations Director 1994-1995 and Assistant GM of WJSC 1996-1997.

Don't let this turn you away...I am not a party animal...I am just as comfortable hanging at home...or off in the woods somewhere camping out...I like to live life to the fullest that's all...always up for new experiences..new places..meeting new people...and continuing to have fun moments with old friends

looking to survive in this big world...and have fun along the way...if you're interested in taking a ride...drop me a line

aol: amourkty yahoo: jukejointjesse